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Membership Benefits

I never expected to win, but this is legit. You made my day!
– 2012 Cleaning Advisory Panel $500 award winner


As a cleaning professional, sharing your experience is critical to the development of better products and services. By becoming a member of the Cleaning Advisory Panel you have the opportunity to advance the cleaning industry and make the future of cleaning better for the communities you serve.


The Cleaning Advisory Panel is a collaborative community. Feedback from our members is welcome and needed, particularly when it comes to new research ideas. Have you ever wondered, “What would my peers think about this idea?”. If so, bring those thoughts to us and let us help you find the answer. The results will be shared with the entire community and everyone will benefit from your curiosity.


Your time is valuable. We understand and respect that by always offering honoraria payments for your research participation. Typically, we offer $1 to $3 per minute of your time for an online  survey depending on the specific details of the research. Honoraria for one-on-one interviews or focus groups are higher.  Our goal is to pay honoraria within three weeks of closing each research study.  You will be able to track your research history and earned honoraria via your member dashboard. For most studies you will have a choice about compensation: Select to receive a cash payout or enter into a contest for a larger reward.  Odds of winning will always be posted (for example, if we plan to survey 100 people and are offering 1 reward, the odds would be posted at 1:100).